日期: 2017年6月25日(星期日)
  • 甲部份:上午10時30分至下午12時45分
  • 乙部份:下午2時至4時30分
地點: 油麻地  眾坊街  60號  梁顯利油麻地社區中心(油麻地鐵路站C出口)

活動對象: 有興趣人士
語言: 廣東話(粵語)
  1. 提供最新糖尿病資訊,達致更有效管理糖尿病
  2. 提升公眾對健康及糖尿病的關注
  3. 提倡推己及人的訊息,讓公眾對自己及其身邊人更關注健康
  4. 讓健康組織及業界交流最新糖尿病及健康資訊
內容: 講座、工作坊、展覽攤位 及 糖尿病看圖對話™ 等
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截止報名日期: 2017年6月22日(星期四)
查詢: 電郵: dpp-for-public@adf.org.hk 
電話: (+852) 2637 6632
主辦機構: 亞洲糖尿病基金會


10:30-10:40 開幕典禮
10:40-11:15 認識及預防糖尿病
11:15-11:50 拆解營養謬誤
11:50-12:10 休息/攤位及展覽
12:10-12:45 糖尿病併發症及其優質管理方法
14:00-14:35 認識糖尿眼
14:35-15:10 自我糖尿病護理攻略
15:10-15:30 休息/攤位及展覽
15:30-16:15 健康運動
16:15-16:30 閉幕儀式

10:40-12:40 糖尿病看圖對話™   (有以下兩項主題同時舉行,歡迎出席其中之一)
1. 與糖尿病同行 2. 健康飲食和運動

✥ 參加者請提前到達,預留時間登記(登記時間:上午10:00-下午3:30)
✥ 1樓禮堂設有展覽攤位,歡迎出席人士參與

Diabetes Preventing The Preventables Programme (For Public)

(Only available in Chinese)

Date: 25 June 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 10:30 - 16:30
  • Section A:  10:30 - 12:45
  • Section B:  14:00 - 16:30
Venue: Henry G. Leong Yaumatei Community Centre, 60 Public Square Street, Yau Ma Tei (MTR Yau Ma Tei Station - exit C)

Target participants: General public
Language: Cantonese
  1. Provide the latest diabetic information to achieve a more effective diabetes management
  2. Raise public awareness on health and diabetes
  3. Promote peer support, and empower public and people around to increase awareness on health
  4. Enable health organisations and industries to exchange the latest diabetic and health information
Activities: Seminars, Workshops, exhibition booths, and Diabetes Conversation™, etc.
Application: (Only available in Chinese)
  1. Click here to complete the online application form; or
  2. Click here to download a printable application form and then either:
Application Deadline: 22 June 2017 (Thursday)
Enquiry: Email: dpp-for-public@adf.org.hk
Phone: (+852) 2637 6632
Organiser: Asia Diabetes Foundation
Supporting Organization:

Programme Detail

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall (Level 1)
10:30-10:40 Opening Ceremony
10:40-11:15 Understanding Diabetes and Prevention Strategies
11:15-11:50 Common Misconception About Diet
11:50-12:10 Break/ Exhibition
12:10-12:45 Diabetes Complications and Quality Diabetes Management
14:00-14:35 Coffee Break
14:35-15:10 Diabetic eye diseases
15:10-15:30 Break/ Exhibition
15:30-16:15 Healthy Exercise
16:15-16:30 Closing Ceremony

Venue: Conference Room (Level 3)
10:40-12:40 Diabetes Conversation™   
(Two sessions available at the same time, welcome attend either one)
1. Coninuing Your Journey With Diabetes 2. Diabetes and Healthy Eating

✥ Please reserve time for registration (Registration time: 10:00am – 3:30pm).
✥ All participants are welcome to visit the exhibition booths in level 1.